Wednesday, August 22, 2007

39 hours and counting....

....And I will be in San Diego with Katie!

I am excited for several reasons:

1) I haven't seen Katie since March and in that time she has gotten ENGAGED, decided to move to TENNESSEE and I am looking forward to all the DETAILS!!

2) I haven't taken a vacation for a very long time. I'm so ready to get anywhere outside of Iowa, just for a change of scenery. It will be quick, but hopefully full and refreshing.

3) We are hopefully going to visit the Museum of Natural History's exhibit on the Dead Sea Scrolls. They are something I have wanted to see, pretty much since I learned they existed (and found out what they were!). Unfortunatly I also found out they do not allow any cameras inside - I was desparately hoping for some awesome artistic shots of such an amazing piece of our history. But check out this link for general information on the scrolls:; or for general information on the exhibit. I'm so excited!

4) Flying/Travelling by myself for the first time ever! I could hardly sleep this morning, I was already anticipating what would happen if I overslept Friday and missed my flight. I'm getting too paranoid! Just got to pray about it and leave the details w/ the Lord, I over-plan for pretty much everything I do. I have to TRUST He will care for me and that things will come together.

5) Katie Brannan hugs! I know that if you know Katie, you KNOW what I'm talking about!

6) Blessings by conversation, fellowship, laughter, sunshine, sleepiness, and catching up w/ old college roommates. So worth a tired week at work afterward.

Can't wait to see you Katie!!

Friday, August 17, 2007


Today was Fair Day at work. We had a celebration complete with hot dogs, snacks, casual dress day - meaning t-shirts were okay!, and we ended the day with a butter sculpting contest.

I know, I know, only in Iowa.
(I'm not a fair aficionado, so maybe it's not only in Iowa???)

Anyway, I wasn't real sure about my feelings for sculpting things in butter, but I thought, could be fun. And my break just happened to fall right in the time allowed for construction. I don't think of myself as a super creative person, yet I have my quirks. So I decided to follow a route that proved successful in the past.

I sculpted a penguin out of my stick of butter. I even made a semi-circle igloo home for my friend. (Misch and I had carved a penguin in our pumpkin at Halloween last year.)

And I won 1st prize!

I wish I had a picture of the winning sculpture, but I don't have a camera here at work. Plus, by now all of the creations may have melted. Maybe I'll figure out a way to sneak a shot w/ my camera phone.....unless they've already found their way into a trash can!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It got me thinking

I talked to a friend yesterday about past relationships and sin issues. Questions were raised as to why certain decisions were made and it really made me ponder my actions in the last year or so.

I think I have gotten fuzzy vision in my thinking about God, sin, grace, love, pride, and control. I know I struggled for a long time with these ideas and truths and I am still kind of standing in the midst of the fog. But I think the clearest and simplest truth is that I am a sinner. God loved and loves me and Jesus laid down His life for me. He has called me to lay down my life and follow Him, to be made in His likeness, and to live this life I have been given for Him. This last year I lost sight of that purpose, that calling, and lived for myself - fighting against God's word and commands. I forgot that it isn't about not doing what God tells me I should/shouldn't do - I became really rebellious against God's commands in my mind and my heart. But it is about choosing to TRUST God is who He says He is and that He really knows me and has my best in mind, even when I can't see or understand that. God is and was not trying to withhold good from me. I was trying to take what was not yet given to me. I did not trust God. Plain and simple.

So now where do I go from here? I have known the Lord for 11 years, realizing that is crazy, that even knowing someone for 11 years, you never fully REACH realization, truth, some end. It is a journey, and in the last 11 years the Lord has walked with me I've wandered in many valleys and deserts, and reached some amazing peaks with Him (sorry for cliches). But it's true, I will never FULLY know God, his purposes, his goodness, until I see Him face to face. But I can keep seeking Him, keep discovering new facets of His heart, His character, His love. That is what I want to truly know, that is what I want to do w/ my life - seek God, know God, love God, be loved by God, and live confident in Him.

I did it....

........I got a new car!!

She's a 2004 Dodge Neon SXT, lovely charcoal gray beauty.

Crazy. I'm on my own now....