Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wise words

I came across this comment on a blog I read....so true are these words, especially as I continue to debate the pros/cons for moving to Colorado. Sometimes my fear or the longing for "home" makes me doubt the desire to make this move. But here's the comment I'm stealing:

"The sense of 'homesickness' never leaves, the longer ... and the closer you follow The Lord, it appears to me. The mistake we all too easily make is in settling for a "sense of home" here. We like that feeling of familiarity, but it inevitably leads us to a more shallow satisfaction about life and humanity and God's Great creation. The longing for home is intensified the longer we are "away from our roots" ... but being away, at the very least, unblinds us to the fact that we can never "go back" ... we can only go on. Those who "stay around home" too long develop a narrow view on life, and a preference for living in a world where nothing ever changes ... all the while the world is spinning on ahead of them, leaving them behind as it makes it's way "...ever turning toward that one, far-off Divine Event" (Tennyson). That's where we find Home. If we've really been looking of it. It's there, because of the One Who left His Home to come get us and take us there."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The jitters

I have been drinking a 20 oz. Mountain Dew this morning and am really starting to feel the caffine buzz. My body is a little warm, my arms a little tingly, and I find that I'm talking fairly quickly on the phone and getting out of breath easily. My heart is racing.

Probably will have to not drink the Dew during work anymore....

(PS - Is this copyright infringement? Am I breaking a law by putting this on my page? Someone let me know, I'm new to this blogger thing.)