Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When your dreams become reality

**Warning: This post is gross. And embarrassing (for me). But I feel the need to share.**

***You have been warned.***

It's extremely hard to explain dreams.

Because normally your dream world is a combo of reality w/ other random pieces that don't belong.

Well, last night my dreamworld entered my real world.

I have been having this reoccurring dream the last couple of weeks where I get this nasty taste in my mouth and there's these stringy pieces with little chunks, like small seeds that I (excuse the nastiness) sort of hack up & spit out. My mouth fills up w/ saliva and these things & it's like I can't clear my mouth or throat. I spit, my mouth fills up again. I spit, there's more. Etc.

So I keep finding an empty trash can or some bathroom to spit the crap out (again, in the dream). Excuse my language.

The "string" pieces reminds me of when you get the stuff from sweet corn stuck in your teeth. In the dream, I pull them out but they're also attached across the roof of my mouth so it peels out really long (think like peeling a sunburn, it just keeps peeling & peeling....) and again, in "dream world" I kind of gag it up & spit it out.

**Sorry for the nasty details, I understand if you stop reading now or couldn't even make it through the last paragraph. Brace yourself, it's not over. I know you're so curious that even though you can't imagine why I'm telling you this - you're going to read to the end to see where the heck this is going.**

So anyway, I'm having a repeat of this dream last night. In these dreams I'm usually in a place like a high school where I keep ducking into bathroom stalls or locker rooms to hang over a garbage can or toilet. Sometimes I'm in a concert hall/auditorium type place where I'm supposed to be with a group of people but have to stay behind due to my.......issue.

In the dream I can't seem to get rid of the junk in my mouth, I keep hacking/spitting into the garbage, it does no good, there's still more there.

Then all of a sudden, last night while laying in bed having this dream, I feel spit/drool actually slide down my cheek.

I wasn't just doing this in my dream. I was doing this in real life.

Yep that's right. I was literally gagging & trying to clear out my mouth in my bed. As I am a back sleeper, there was no where else for it to go....

.....except down my cheek & neck.

**Sorry! I WARNED YOU!!!**

(This is sort of the climax of the story.....hope you weren't expecting more.)

Needless to say, at this point I woke up.

I went to the bathroom to clean myself off & change my t-shirt.

Then I realize that the nasty taste in my 'dream mouth' was a real taste I was having in actuality. It wasn't just a "dream" taste, it was a real life taste in my throat/mouth. Standing in the bathroom at 3:30 in the morning I tried not to gag again.

I've deduced from my long analysis of this dream (and the fact it's a repeated dream over the last several weeks) that the causal factor must be the toothpaste I use before bed. Yep, that's right. The instigator is toothpaste.

My sister can attest that I complain about toothpaste leaving a film in my mouth afterwards. It really dries out my mouth/throat & leaves a nasty taste all night. I intentionally try to rinse extremely thoroughly after each brush. I thought toothpaste was supposed to refresh you....not for me apparently.

Maybe I'm just going to have to get a new kind. Guess, test, & revise my theory.

Not going to lie, my throat is getting a little choked up as I write & remember....my gag reflex is starting to kick in.

So I'm going to end this now.

**Props to you if you made it to the end of this post!!**
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