Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Discovery

This are kind of random, but here you go:

I was never good at braiding when I was younger. I would only ever attempt it on my Barbies - and just your regular, normal braid. French braiding was out of the question.

When we were in Latvia a couple months ago, it was a common occurrance to shower right before bed, and it was too hot to think about blow drying & I was always too tired anyway. So I had Emily french-braid my hair most nights before bed - much less scary in the morning than if I'd just gone to bed & woken up all crazy/flat/hair plastered to my head.

Last month I had just gotten busy or lazy or procrastonated showering until late in the evening (& I hate showeringin the morning), so I talked Jess into braiding my hair on a couple of occasions before bed. Well, one night, she was not home (or refused to do it for me :) ), so I haphazardly attempted my own french braid - it took forever :) It felt all wrong & messy....but when I looked in the mirror, it was straight, not too bumpy, & actually looked pretty good! I had not attempted a french braid since I was probably 8 or 10 years old.

So off & on when I shower too late or don't want to dry my hair, I've been doing the french-braid. Jess was mad because it always looked nicer than her attempts for me :) So we tested the theory about braiding someone else's hair - which I assumed would be easier. However, it wasn't! I tried to braid her hair one night, and not that it was terrible, but for whatever reason, I do a better job doing my own. Who'da thunk it?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Some recent pictures from Latvia....(out of order but that's okay!)

Family lunch of cold beet soup

Nelly translating during our Kids Club activities outside the church
Mia & German

Raindrops on the cobblestone

Last night all together

Meghan, me, & Emily leveling out the sand & rock
& Carl bringing us more Emily & Nelly leading craft time

Hanging out at the Baltic Sea

Nelly translating church service for Alexander

Visiting an old castle & trying to fight jet lag our first day there