Thursday, December 06, 2007's been a few months...

Not having internet at home has limited my ability to post on a more frequent basis.
1 - I like to post pictures, and I just don't have them on my work computer.
2 - Fall enrollments are finally coming (have come) to a close, which means I can breathe again between calls at work! And it's not just a breath, it's almost enough for a nap, but I can't complain.
3 - I have a hard time putting things into words anyway, so though I have several things I could have blogged about, I've just kept putting them off!

Well, no more! I'm back, I'll try to be more consistent, and we'll see what happens.

For starters - I went to Niagara Falls w/ Jess the weekend before Thanksgiving and we had a blast - pics to come once I can load them onto my computer - I'm short on disc space so I have to coordinate it w/ my internet access.....Panera, we'll have a date in the near future (I LOVE their chicken noodle soup!!)

I've been at work 7 1/2 hours and talked to 26 people, average talk time 4:19, you do the math, that's a lot of free time today :) I've played a many game of TestTwist, MahJong, and Super Collapse 3; done 2 crossword puzzles, read People's Sexiest Man Alive issue that I bought while waiting out the weather at the airport in Chicago; checked email dozens of times; read Joel for my daily Bible reading and read everyone else's blogs. Blast for want of more stimulating things to do. I'm waiting for the library to call with the next Karen Kingbury book I have on hold - Found. We were all hoping they'd shut the office down early for the "snow storm" that's been coming in. I haven't been outside today, heard roads are bad, just not enough to close down - apparently buildings downtown closed early, according to rumors circulating the floor anyway.

I opened my first Christmas gift last night :) The entire series of Friends!! Can you believe it? I certainly was in shock. Merry Christmas came a little early! Gotta love living with Kel & Marcus. They let me turn on the Christmas lights, put on Christmas music, light some candles so it smelled like "Christmas" and they let me open their gift. Thanks you guys!!

Our company decided today via a conference call to close our office on Christmas Eve!! Woo-woo for an extra holiday! They were orignally going to close at 1:00pm, now we have the whole day off!!