Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feeling Holiday Festive

So, I don't cook. I don't like to cook. I don't really know how to cook.

But I'm bored of salads, frozen pizzas, and toast.

After work I stopped by Fareway, purchased some groceries, and proceeded home to make dinner. The evening looked like this:

Menu: Baked chicken with seasoning, baked potato, and Middle Sister California Moscato wine.

Music: Glee Christmas music playing from my Ipod

Decor: Candle burning, dressy work clothes - red flowered top & gray pants.

Activities: Cut the chicken, sprinkle the seasoning, nuke the potato in the microwave before putting it in the oven with the chicken. Dance about the kitchen to Glee, cut up some cauliflower and broccoli for the rest of the week, chill the wine in the snow outside while dinner's in the oven. Eat said baked potato, chicken & break out the fancy wine glasses (Christmas gift from last year).

Dessert: Free Subway cookie that Jess brought home - Thank you!

All in all, a fun, festive, holiday dinner :)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Last Five Months....in pictures

Jess's friend Emily & Andrew's Wedding:

First Pedicure: (Yes, my toes are very short, but this picture is upside down)

Summer Vacation: NYC, Philadelphia, & Jersey Shore
Excited for the day.... ...5 minutes later & I'm asleep (we got up at 3:30 am!)First stop: New York City Fire Station for Jess :)

Text from Kate: "Send me a picture of something random in New York". Okay.Bicycle buggy tour through Central Park. Friends fountain
Birthday present from my family - Lion King tickets! AMAZING!! (I cried during the opening number...don't laugh at me!) LOOOONNNNGGGG train ride home :( Got on the wrong one. Stopped for 1/2 hour on tracks, had to go backwards. Trip took at least twice as long as it should. So we entertained ourselves while we waited :)
DAY 2: Philadelphia
Traffic was poopy. 10 miles an hour. Stop. Go. Stop. Go.....you get the idea. 1st Stop: The Eastern State Penitentiary Yes, we are awesome.

Jess tried to escape.
Can you see the sweat? It. Was. Hot.2nd Stop: Rocky Stairs! Well, the Museum of Art.
3rd Stop: Tour of the Olympia warship & Becuna submarine.

4th Stop: The Liberty Bell5th Stop: Philadelphia Fire Station.
The above open garage door was for the engine pulling in just as we tried to take a picture. (We were looking around the corner trying to see what was inside....oops.)
Jess being bold & making new friends :)
DAY 3: Megan & David's Wedding

(Recounting the fireman story)
Yummy, yummy dinner
Cake topper Married

DAY 4: Jerey Shore!


September - Adam Lambert Concert on the bridge

Spaghetti Works for dinnerAllison Iraheta
Adam Lambert

Ocbober - Best Bachelorette gift-giver: Me :)

Minneapolis: SYTYCD Season 7 tour
w/ a mini bar :) (We did not use this)
Jose & Dominic
Kent & AllisonBilly & Robert Group danceLauren & KentThat's all for now!