Sunday, June 24, 2007


Friday was the greatest day of the week. Around 2:30 we were taking calls and an announcement came over the speakers to take shelter, we were under a tornado warning. We all shuffled out, I wasn't sure where we were to go, I lost sight of all my teammates so I just milled in the lobby. Eventually the guards told us we couldn't stay in the hall so I followed my trainer into the women's restroom. We stood around for half an hour until they told us it was clear.
I was so bummed, I hate missing awesome weather. My desk is in the center of the room so I could hardly see what was happening all day. But the last hour I watched across the room and around 4pm, the windows to the east still looked overcast and cloudy, but at the same time, to the west it was almost pitch black. It looked like it was 9pm or later. I went to leave at 4:30 and it was downpouring. I mean, blowing, dumping, heaving rain. People milled around the door, debating what to do. Others said umbrellas almost seemed pointless because it was blowing so hard.
I didn't want to hang out at work all night, I didn't know how long it would I ran for it. Then I hydroplaned most of the way home; our street and parking lot were flooding, looked like flowing rivers going over the speedbumps.

I've never gotten so I thought I'd share it all with you. It was awesome. I love rain.

My shoes and socks were so wet that I was squishing out water everytime I took a step on the floor in my bathroom.


Saturday, June 09, 2007

I like surveys....

Who Was the Last Person Who.....
1. You hung out with? The Waltz family for Jonah's 4th birthday, Mom, Jess, the Shavers, and Cari Woolson
2. You rode in a car with? Kelli to the post office
#3 is missing
4. You went to the mall with?: Jess when she was visiting
5. You talked on the phone to?: Mom this morning
6. Made you laugh?: Jacob running away when Tracy tried to let him kiss her cheek. I love kids.
7. Last person you told and/or they told you they loved you? My mom

Would you rather...
1. Pierce your nose or tongue?: Nose
2. Be serious or be funny?: I wish you could always have the perfect mix of both
3. Drink whole or skim milk?: Skim, no question
4. Die in a fire or get shot?: Morbid....but shot
5. Spend time with your parents or enemies?: Parents

Answer truthfully...
1. Do you like anyone?: Hard to answer that one. I love someone, I love a lot of someones.
2. Sun or moon?: Sun
3. Winter or Fall?: Fall
4. left or right?:
5. 10 acquaintances or two best friends?: 2 best friends
6. Sunny or rainy?: Rainy, absolutely rainy. No contest.

About Me
1. What time is it?: 6:45pm
2. First Name?: Lindsay
3. Where do you wanna live?: Overseas, in the mountains, somewhere it isn't so humid. (not a place that's all these, but maybe one at a time-to move around)
4. How many kids do you want?: I don't know. I'd like at least 2, or more. I'd love to adopt internationally too.....
5. Do you want to get married?: Absolutely
6. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?: Both, depends on mood. I often cut it.
7. Have you ever eaten spam?: I've probably tried it at some point.
8. Favorite ice cream?: Vanilla, or from Cold Stone or Hickory Park
9. How many kinds of cereal are in your cabinet?: 2: Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Raisin Bran (generic brands though)
10. Do you cook?: Hardly, practically no.
11. Current mood?: a little tired

In the last 48 hours have I...
1. Kissed some one?: No
2. Sang?: Yes, w/ the radio in the car
3. Been hugged?: Yep
4. Felt stupid?: Probably, or maybe embarrassed more accuratly describes it
5. Missed someone?: I've been missing ALL my college friends lately
6. Danced Crazy?: I don't dance. I love to WATCH it on tv, and I have done that in the last 48 hours
8. Gotten your hair cut?: No
9. Cried?: Yes
10. Lied?: Not that I can recall

1. Have you ever been searched by the cops?: .....searched? I've been pulled over twice for speeding, escorted to the sheriffs' car while they called my parents for trespassing (our only punishment-no fine), and asked to take off my shoes at the airport in Chicago on the way to Beijing.
2. Do you have a Dog?: My parents have our dog Toby. I want a puggle. Badly.
3. When is the last time you've been sledding?: We rolled down the hills behind Ellis 2 winters ago.
NO #4?? :(
5. Do you believe in ghosts?: Ghosts, no. Spirits, yes.
6. Do you consider yourself creative?: Not really

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Where the heck have I been???

Wow, April 23rd was a long, long time how things change :)

I have just completed my 6 weeks of training as a customer service representative for Marsh, where I will be helping those who have questions on their group universal life insurance policies.

I've moved to a new city, one I spent a lot of time in throughout high school, but never one I really discovered....I know there is lots to do, I just have to find it! I'm thankful to live in a complex that has 4 pools throughout! That's right, I've already gone swimming this spring about 4 or 5 times, completely free of charge! And my way of discovering the neighborhood is to go for runs. There are trails nearby, they really only go between major streets, but it's still running through a park-like neighborhood. Plus it gives me the exercise I so desperatly have needed! It felt so good to go for a run the day after I swam the first time, my lungs LOVED it! I still can't run for long periods of time, but it was the greatest feeling, I wasn't completely wiped out that day. The humidity has wrecked me....both my breathing, my allergies, and the fact that it can be 60 degrees, but if it's humid, I'm dripping like I just got out of the shower :) Well, it's not so much dripping, it's more like condensation......hmmm, is this too much information? Sorry......

But some exciting things to look forward to:

*finding a church to get involved with. I've attended Valley once and went to a dinner where I met 4 other 20-somethings. It was awesome to meet 4 strangers and find something in common w/ all of them: John went to China in college on the same trip as CT, who I went to school w/ and he dated my sister. Matt is leaving for China this fall for 2 years-I was really excited as I've been there myself and have wanted to live overseas for quite some time. Kalee worked at Riverside and was good friends w/ Brian, who is my brother-in-law's brother. Not to mention the fact I LIVE w/ Marcus right now. She couldn't believe it. And then I discovered randomly that Jen, who hosted this dinner for new visitors to Valley (I was the only newbie who showed), that her cousin is Darin, who is best friends and coworkers w/ Joel, who was my youth leader for 6 years and is married to Tracy who has been my mentor/friend/accountability since moving home. Plus, I even interviewed for a job with both Joel & Darin sometime in Feb/March.

*Dragon Boat Races. I get to take part in this event w/ Kelli, Marcus and other co-workers from Performance Display in August. It's an event to raise awareness and support for organ donation. I'm really excited because apparently it's going to be authentic boats, drums and all! I can't wait!

*vacation to NY this fall! I will, for the first time in my life, take a vacation all by myself. I'm going to visit my sister Jess, who will be attending school in Rochester for sign language interpreting and I am going to visit her for 4 days. I'm excited to see where she'll be living all by herself, going to school in a new state, and I am even more excited because I am going to take her to Niagara Falls and hopefully somewhere in Canada! I'm shooting for Toronto, it's the nearest large city. I just really want to go to Canada, where I've never the added bonus that it will now add another stamp to my passport!! I just love new adventures, new places, seeing beautiful creation. I can't wait to go to Niagara. Plus Jess & I haven't ever really taken any kind of fun trip together, so I'm really looking forward to just getting into her new 'world' in New York. Plus I get to fly alone for the first time in my life!!

*Jonah's 4th birthday party this weekend. Jonah is Joel & Tracy's son, whom I love like family. He's been such a joy to me over the 9 months I lived at home after graduating. I love the way youngin's word things-he makes me laugh, I love him, and I'll never forget that he would bring me tissues if I cried. He has a special place in my heart.

Alright, this is too long. Hope you enjoyed the update! I haven't had internet access since moving, but now I'm at a computer all day....things have changed!!

~Later everyone