Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Time for an update

I saw Brooke on Sunday and she pointed out that I haven't updated my blog since they wouldn't let me jump out of the plane.

And they ended up letting me jump out of the plane.

So here are some details:

It was all for Emily.

And her big 2-1.

I expected the plane to look something like this: Notice the open back end, the bench to sit on...

But this is the plane we jumped out of:

When I walked up to the hanger the first day, I definitely said either out loud or at least to myself in my head, "Ha ha ha. There's no way that could be our plane. It looks kind of tattered & rusty."
But lo and behold, this was our vessel.

2 jumpers plus the 2 tandem instructors crowded into this small space for the flight over Boone to our altitude of upwards 8000 feet.

Richard & Emily went first:We brought quite a crowd of spectators - and family. It took about 20 minutes for them to reach altitude......but we didn't know it was going to take so long - lots of sore necks from searching the sky.
Round 2 - Joel & I

Don't we look like we're on a mission? (Me, Joel, Hashem, & Mark - our instructors/tandem partners)

Lindsay (me):
All I wanted to accomplish was to do flips in the air while free falling. After a beautiful plane ride over Boone (and I'm not kidding - I loved flying over my hometown!) Joel & Hashem jumped first. Then I had to step outside the plane, hanging on to the bar. Then I tucked my thumbs in the harness & we fell backward into the air. I think we did 1 1/2 flips or so - goal reached!

Here is the dialogue from the remaining portion of my skydiving experience:
Parachute is pulled. Tight pain across my chest & shoulders. Wishing I had a little more wiggle room/freedom. Getting uncomfortable.
A few seconds later -

Mark: How are we doing, Lindsay?
Lindsay: I think I may be hyperventilating a little.
Mark: We'll be on the ground in a few minutes, hang in there.

I'm starting to feel clammy in my arms and rest of my body, feeling a little sweaty & nauseous. Taking deep breaths. Close eyes for a few intermittent moments. Open them to try & enjoy the view.
A little later -

Mark: How're we doing?
Lindsay: I'm feeling nauseous.
Mark: We'll be on the ground in a 3-4 minutes.
He pulls the chute handles, we start spinning in a fast circle. This is supposed to be exhilarating. I want to puke. Close my eyes & hope it stops sooner rather than later.

I hear Mark tell me to lift my knees up. A fraction of a second later I feel tapping against my leg - the signal to pick up my knees for the landing. No time to react, I'm on the ground on my knees.
I had been seeing white, fading spots. Didn't even know we were near the ground. End my skydiving experience.

Wait a few minutes crouched on my hands & knees, my vision returns, the clammy feeling fades away.

"Would you do it again?" I'm asked.

"No." I say....

Now with some perspective & distance from it - I may have a different response. I think I missed out on a good portion of the experience - the view of nearing the ground before you land, that feeling/rush as the ground gets ever closer - I'm pretty sure I was on the verge of passing out and missed that part of the experience. So would I do it again? Maybe someday....

Emily went again 3 days later.

She loved it :)

Happy 21st birthday Emily!!