Monday, April 23, 2007

Long Time....No Post

I know there aren't many who read my blog, but lots of changes are taking place in my life right now! I figured for those of you who do check in every now and then, I should give you the current update.

I am moving at the end of the month into an apartment with my sister and brother-in-law. We actually got the okay to move in early, because they were more than ready to move in asap. So this Saturday was our first move-in day. So much fun to see our new space coming together! It's also the first time in my life I'll have my own bathroom :) I know that might not seem like that big of a deal, but for some reason, I'm really excited about that. I shared a bathroom with 4 other girls for 2 years, and we never had any problems with that. Then I shared one again with my parents. So now I get my own!

And I'm starting a new job in a new city, my first real, professional job. With benefits :) I'm moving out, on my own. It's a scary thing, a little overwhelming. Only a few months ago, when I'd think about where I'd be at this time in my life, this isn't where I pictured myself. I was hoping to be in a different place, with different people, doing something else. But the Lord has a great way of working things out in our lives that are His best for us, even if we don't realize it ourselves. I thought I was ready for something different, but was trying to lead my own way. God needed to get my attention, and He did. Just not in the way I'd wanted. I've had to greive a broken heart, a lost relationship, and the loss of a close friend. But the Lord's opened the door for so much more. I'd sacrificed a lot of the things that were important in my life, not realizing that I was doing it.

I'm hoping this new direction, this new open door will be the first of many bold steps to come in trusting in my Savior Jesus, in getting my feet wet in the Jordan, and believing that God has already gone before me and will continue to lead me where He can use me most. It's a crazy thing, this life we've been given. But I'm so excited to see what's to come....

The new roommates: